You're Going Down (Animals, One By One)

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you animal, animals in cages all in a row<br&> and here's the man who's going to cause you so much pain<br&> and i can't discuss it<br&> and one by one they're going down<br&> you're going down, you're going, you're going down<br&> you're going, not much time left<br&> you like to take a pill, to end this thing<br&> but, he comes out one by one<br&> he unlocks the cages, this is it<br&> now it's the animal killer<br&> and you're, you're going, you're going again<br&> you're going down further than you've ever gone before<br&> now you're going, you're going down<br&> la dum dum<br&> la la la la la, la de de de<br&> and then i'll sing<br&> la da da da da da da da da...<br&> la la la la la la la la la...<br&> and now you've had you're last spree<br&> you're ready to bite the bee<br&> your bodies, you're going down<br&> get ready to join your other<br&> your other friends who've left their cages<br&> and this is it, it's really hit, it's really it for good<br&> this is it, don't cry for help, they'll be none<br&>