Wine And Roses

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wine and roses, the ones that can't be purchased<br&> dined and floated, oh you're the mostest<br&> take a look at you, you're a gorgeous star, you are<br&> get a load of you at the breakfast table<br&> wine and roses, the toasted brand opposes<br&> wine is poured all over your toes and it's the mostest<br&> get a look at you at six in the morning with your floppy ponytail<br&> you're a man, you're a vermin, you're a dog<br&> and once more you are mine<br&>

wine and roses, oh the pixie dixie poses<br&> cloned, throned and wining and dining our way to glory<br&> there's a girl, bad news everybody, get your guns<br&> gonna clean it up once more, i've been touched<br&> i've been tainted by your love<br&> wine and roses, wine and roses<br&> wine and roses, wine and roses<br&> i'll pick up the tab, that's fine<br&> i had the shrimp, it was short but nice<br&>