Why?, Mother Why? (The Creature In Your Womb)

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why, oh why?<br&> mother, why?<br&> why, why the wrong child in your womb?<br&> why did you have, have to give up?<br&> you let them, them impregnate you with the monster thing<br&> what you had, has a child, i wouldn't call it a human<br&> mother, what child was in your womb<br&> became a groom and a bride at the same time<br&> the parts where reversed in the womb<br&> they placed it early in it's filthy tomb<br&> but then what, what the hell was it when it was born?<br&> it was a frosty winter morn, slimey thing<br&> crawling down your legs<br&> the doctors couldn't make heads nor tails of these things<br&> mother, why?<br&> mother, don't cry, but the child in your womb<br&> we don't know what it was<br&> it wasn't a child, it was more like a monster<br&> but then it was born on that, that crisp morning in december<br&> you got the chills and that's why<br&> mother, why?<br&> what the hell was in your womb?<br&> it was in your womb<br&> the creature picked a funny room to play in<br&>