Who's Gonna Kill Michael Jackson?

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(hahaha, no but that yoko lyric was good...)

yoko had such sandy fine tits hangin' down<br&> and johnny boy sucked them, mm-hmm-hmm-hmm, behind cynthia's back<br&> and she cried when she found out when she got back<br&>

who's gonna, yeah, well, who's gonna fuck michael jackson after i get through?<br&> ho! who's gonna fuck michael jackson? wanna send him to the moon<br&> oh, mmm, he sucked madonna's tits, mmmhmm, and brooke shield's twat<br&> mmmhmm, emanuel lewis had a fine, fine, fine, little teeny weeny cock, yeah!<br&>

but who's gonna swallow michael jackson when he gets off his throne?<br&> bubbles the chimp and he's not alone<br&> i'll be first in line, jumpin' on yoko's spine<br&> i'll be first in line<br&>

who's gonna kill michael jackson when we're simply fed up with that shit?<br&> who's gonna kill michael jackson and not be ashamed or afraid of it?<br&> well, maybe grace slick can help, she's got the attitude<br&> maybe devo can return, oh, give me ten thousand ludes, ow!<br&>

who's gonna shoot michael jackson when we kill the president?<br&> bu-du-du-dun<br&> i'm too sexy for michael jackson<br&> (you and left said ed)<br&> left said eddie<br&>


Made-Up Song recorded on March 20, 1992