Whitefully Dead

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and the lyrics are:<br&>

now that the white man’s dead and gone<br&> we can sing a happy song<br&> now that the blue-eyed devil’s done<br&> we can only have some fun<br&>

watch as the black man reigns<br&>

now that the white man’s six-foot under<br&> we can all go plunder, plunder<br&> take everything, take anything<br&> now that the black man’s in all his glory<br&> it will be a different story<br&>

witness the black man’s reign<br&>


why ol’ massa he be done gone. he be done goin’ t’ meet his maker/breaker/ shaker in the sky. hallelujah brothas & sistas i say-so. hallelujah. whitey’s comeuppance is upon him. whitey’s comeuppance has finally come up and bit him on the (gr)ass with a vengeance. so let the celebration begin- happy days are here again. whoa! not so fast with yer celebratory bliss my brown-eyed chosen ones. out with the old /in with the new? meet the new cock/boss same as the old hoss (cartwright)? is that right? will it truly be a "different story"? tonight? the end of the white man’s reign/rain- a new breed waiting in the wings? blackbird singing in the dead of night? oh well, as kool & the gang used to say "celebrate good times- fuck off!"<br&>

fey vocals in this throw-away of a "song" courtesy denis. drums beat by denis. jim banged the guitar acoustic. "the keys to the kingdom" tickled by denis left well enough alone. mixed and matched unhitched and hatched -slightly pychedelicized 1991.<br&>

writ by denis.<br&>

The chord progression for the verses is : F Major / F Major 7/ C Sus 2 (add 4) / C Major / B minor (open) / A minor / A minor 7 / G Major / F Major / F major 7 / C Sus 2 (add 4). The chord progression for the chorus is : G 7 / G 5 / G Major / G 5 / G 7 / G 5 / G Major. The song ends on : C Major.<br&>

(whitefully dead a pun on rightfully dead -obviously)- as in "how much pun are we having now?"<br&>