White Like Me

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 8 off of the LP "Racially Yours", is a song I like to call "White Like Me". There I just called it into existence. Although everything already exists, we just need to manifest it into the cosmos. It was written on April 7, 1991 at the hospital I worked at.<br&>

The chord progression to the songs verses is based on a 2 string pull-off technique of the first 2 strings wherein the C major / F Major / G major, basic 1 / 4 / 5 rock 'n roll chord progression becomes colored with a variety of pastels and in the process becomes these chords : C Sus 4 / C Major 7 / C Sus 4 / C Major 7 / C Sus 4 / C Major 7 / C Sus 4 / C Major 7 / C Sus 4 / C Major / F Major / F Diminished Natural 7 / F Major / F Diminished Natural 7 / F Major / F Diminished Natural 7 / F Major / F Diminished Natural 7 / F Major / F Major 9 / F Major / F Diminished Natural 7 / G 7 Sus 4 / G 5 / G 7 Sus 4 / G 5 / G 7 Sus 4 / G 5 / G 7 Sus 4 / G 5 / G 7 Sus 4 / G Sus 4 / G 7 Sus 4 / G 5. The chords go round and round in a circle and stop on G Major / G 7 Add 5. The chords continue on the C Major pull-off chords and we then enter the middle 8 chord progession which begins with a relative A minor and when the lyric "down" is sung, the A in the bass of the A minor chord, likewise steps down a half step to an A b to mirror the lyric and then the chord goes back to A minor to alert the listener and make it clear where the clouds stand with regard to those cloaked in brown. When we hear the next chord the B b Major on the "In this bright city of ghosts" lyric, you can taste the electricity bill rivaling that of Las Vegas, which is located in Nevada. When the "Who has the most?" lyric arrives, the F minor / F minor Natural 7 pull-off chords display a sad feeling that is uplifted on the climaxing G 5 / G 7 Add 5 chords which correspond to the ta-da, "White Like Me" song title lyric.<br&>

Now let's go over those white charged lyrics :<br&>


The picket fence is painted white<br&> Just like the clowns<br&> Upon this earth walkin' around <br&> White Like Me<br&>

All of the clouds look down<br&> When my clothes are brown<br&> In this bright city of ghosts<br&> Who has the most?<br&> White like me<br&>

If I had to come back as an animal<br&> I'd be a polar bear<br&> White like me<br&>

'Cause everyone<br&> Around the globe<br&> Looks awful cross at a zebra<br&>


The picket fence is painted white. If I personally needed something painted, I would hire someone to do the job, as it would give them more pleasure than I would derive from the act. As far as painting, as in I will now out-do Vincent Van Gough and Michaelangelo, I will leave that to those with those gifts. If you have ever seen me draw, as in let's say a game of pictionary, you would then know of the intense training that would be needed to improve my skills in that field. When I was young and they packed me off to school, I once came home with a picture I drew of my family and they all had crab claws for hands and one family member was missing from the classic portrait. When it comes to musicians who paint, let's leave those honors to Joni Mitchell, Ron Wood, Cat Stevens and first and foremost Dennis Flemion of The Frogs whose work is unparalleled. That's what is known as a shout out in this business. Shout it out loud. Shout, shout, let it all out. Ride it on out like you were a bird. Ride a white like me swan. You know you make me want to shout. Twist and shout. Shout it out, have no doubt, for the time of the love is now. Just like the clowns. Can't we all get along and just like the clowns. I love the song "Is That All There Is" made famous by Peggy Lee, where she recalls the circus and also the film "Trapeze" with Burt Lancaster and Gina Lollobrigida. I believe I went to the circus once. I stayed at the Circus, Circus Hotel in Las Vegas when I was 16. Once again I'd like to give a shout out to Las Vegas. There are those who withhold their approval of whites and in doing so consider them to be clowns. If you have ever looked real close at a cloud they are primarily white in color, and here they are looking down on those dressed in brown. Maybe he means the brown sooty smog of the enviornment we currently inhabit. Ray Davies of The Kinks getting back at his record label on his single "Apeman" purposely slid in the "F" grenade ("I look out the window, but I can't see the sky, the air pollution is a-fucking up my eyes"), when the record company thought he we saying ("The air pollution is a fogging up my eyes"). In this bright city of ghosts, who has the most? white like me. The composer here may be speaking of acquisitions, ala Frank Sinatra ("He who dies with the most toys wins") or he has come to a superiority one-upmanship outlook conclusion. If I had to come back as an animal. I'd be a polar bear, white like me. The only other song I can recall with a polar bear lyric in it is a song called "Waterfalls" by Sir Paul McCartney. It is one of his most beautiful songs. "Don't go chasing polar bears in the great unknown, some big friendly polar bear might want to take you home". On Saturday Night Live, they once asked Paul what animal he would like to come back as and he said a koala bear. As far as coming back as in reicarnation, I do believe in that notion. As Roger Miller said in his song "Reincarnation", ("If I was a bird and you was a fish, what would we do I guess we'd wish for re-incarnation"). I knew of "King Of The Road" by Roger years ago, but in 2006 discovered his other work and quickly became a fan of one of our most talented and gifted songwriters. "Cause everyone around the globe looks awful cross at a zebra. A zebra is both black and white or as we like to say in the field of vision or television, colorless so let's call him the referee or judge. There was an old saying that went "As God as my judge", that our mother misinterpreted and that became the opening line of my improvised song off our LP "My Daughter The Broad," "As God is my judge God is gay".<br&>

The track "White Like Me" consists of myself on vocals and acoustic guitar and Dennis on keyboards.<br&>