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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

The first song off of our LP "Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise", is the song "Whisper". The song began at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. During downtime for "The Last Hard Men" ( a band comprised of myself, Sebastian Bach, Kelley Deal and Jimmy Chamberlin ) recording sessions, I started playing on the grand piano and the hook line came pouring out on October 18, 1996 :<br&>

Original Lyrics

I want to see what I never saw<br&> I got your cream upon my paws<br&> You're all scratched up from my claws again<br&> Naturally we're fortunate, naturally we're fortunate<br&>

Nearer, nearer<br&> Mirror, mirror<br&>

The chord progression that accompanies those lyrics is : B Major / E b minor / D b minor / A b minor / G b minor / B Major / E b minor. <br&>

I thought it quite beautiful whence I writ that.<br&>

Later on November 9, 1996, in my hotel room while staying at the Four Seasons Hotel, during The Smashing Pumpkins "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness" tour, I wrote down some more lyrics to the song that never made the final version, calling the song at that point, "Fortunate" :<br&>

Fortunate Lyrics

I wanna see what I never saw<br&> I got your cream upon my paws<br&> You're all scratched up from my claws again<br&> Naturally we're fortunate, naturally we're forunate<br&>

Nearer, nearer<br&> Mirror, mirror<br&> Say my name and break the curse<br&>

I found my thoughts inside your head<br&> I have a sleigh, I have a sled<br&> I'm slidin, down your heart again, again<br&> Naturally we're fortunate, naturally we're fortunate<br&>

Sometime later, on December, 29th and December 30, 1996, I wrote these lyrics and the music that accompanied them :<br&>

Whisper baby whisper<br&>

Whisper if you love me<br&> Whisper come and hug me<br&> Honey come, honey be<br&>

Yellow are the flowers<br&> You're up in the tower<br&> Baby I will rescue thee<br&>

If your conscience is warm<br&> And your heart is unborn<br&> You can trust me<br&> Let's pretend we can fly<br&>

Album Lyrics

The chord progression for the "Whisper" section is played with a capo, one of only four songs I have written with one on, all on various frets and this one just so happens to be on the second fret. The tonic and the third go down a half step on the G b minor chord, producing an interesting emotional effect. The chord progression is : G b minor / E b minor / B Major / G b Major. The chord progression for the "Conscience" section is : A b Sus 4 / A b Major / E Major / A b Diminished / G b Major. Later on the lyrics "Take me where I want to go", were added to the "Mirror" section and the chord progression for that section is : D Major / G b minor / G Major / B minor.<br&>

So as you can see, all of the sections were combined for a most magnificent result. It has been 12 years since the the song's creation, but my mind currently tells me that I recorded the song "Whisper" with the "Whisper" section lyrics and then Dennis suggested that I add the "Fortunate" song and the "Mirror" section to make the song even stronger. When I play it or listen to it, I can hear the magical effect of the invitational lyrics and hypnotic chord progression. The song has taken on a power of it's own. Everything seamlessly flows together with emotion. I feel it is one of my best.<br&>

Whisper if you love me. I remember being whispered to in my ear when I was 16 and it's something you always remember. The human whisperer. Sweet nothings. Sweet everythings. Whisper come and hug me. Whether you like it or not I'm gonna hug you, really hug you tonight. Arrive and put your arms around me. Don't talk, put your head on my shoulder. Honey come. That's hot. Honey be. Honey comb, honey bee. Life is funny, skies are sunny, bees make honey. Honey be. Remember now, be here now as it's not what it was before - it was. Yellow are the flowers. That's a nice flower color. You're up in the tower, baby I will rescue theee. Fairy tales of fire breathing dragons and princesses. How nice of our hero to save the day. If your conscience is warm. True virtue and purity of heart. And your heart is unborn, you can trust me, let's pretend we can fly. Let's teach each other about love and the heights we can reach. I wanna see what I never saw. New experiences. New realizations. I got your cream upon my paws. How I love to pet her fur, she loves to purr. Naturally we're fortunate, naturally we're fortunate. Life is precious baby, love is so rare. Gratitude. Mirror, mirror, take me where I want to go. The magical Disney mirror. Dreams. Fufilling fantasies. If your heart is in your dreams, no request is too extreme.<br&>

The track "Whisper" contains acoustic guitar and vocals by myself and keyboards and drums by Dennis. At the beginning of the song Sebastian Bach can be heard saying, "Dude I'm fired up", from a rehearsal in a NYC hotel room for our "Lord Grunge" performance on MTV's "Oddville" show and at the end of the song saying, "Dude, how much fun are we gonna be having, 'cause I'm ready to rock". Beck can be heard at the beginning of the song after Sebastian saying "Co-rockin' it" as well.<br&>

dennis' comment-- "WE COCK THIS ONE UP LIVE!"<br&>