Where's Jerry Lewis?

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where’s jerry lewis when you need the man<br&> where’s jerry lewis when no one gives a damn<br&> there’s my man up on the stage<br&> and with the children about four in age<br&>

they’re crazy, they’re crippled but they’re lovely<br&> (and young) and young and wild and lovely<br&> (and crippled) and crippled (and crippled)<br&> and it’s a crime, they’re lovely (and lovely)<br&>

where’s jerry lewis, who’s on the stage soon<br&> who’s comin’ up (coppin’ a feel from a crippled baboon)<br&> i’ll give my money to any baboon<br&> who’s crazy enough to win my money<br&> and there’s a cripple so i'll give some more<br&> oh there’s a fiver for you son<br&>

i love you (i love you, too)<br&> your lovely cripple boy (crippled)<br&> the lovely cripple boy (crippled motherfucker)<br&>

where’s jerry lewis when you need the man<br&> come labor day each year<br&> where’s jerry lewis (wheelchair blues)<br&> where’s jerry lewis (mmm winner, you’re a real winner)<br&>

where’s jerry lewis?<br&>