Wheely Boy

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i'm your wheely boy<br&> just another cripple toy to play with<br&> anytime you're looking for a manager<br&> wheely boy take it to the top<br&> fill you with such cripple joy<br&> watch out i, i like to roll up next to the women's dresses<br&> with my wheely boy<br&> sometimes i just like to get out on an open road<br&> i'll just start wheeling so quickly<br&> pretty sore soon<br&> i'm down that lonesome road<br&> wheely boy, fill you with such cripple joy<br&> you have to sign the contract with your hands that don't work<br&> sometimes i just like to get a gun and let it go bang<br&> the boys don't do what i say<br&> say sammy, you don't want your head to go vegetable<br&> tomato, go bang<br&> wheely boy, fill you up with such cripple fucked up joy<br&> you're my favorite cripple, wheely boy<br&> never met you, never want too<br&> wheely boy<br&>