Weird On The Avenue

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

On March 5, 1992 The spectaular song entitled Weird On The Avenue was written into this world. In the key of G Major it began:<br&>


I think the handcuffs are a bit much<br&> I don't recall ever losin' my touch<br&> But just to hold you wouldn't be fair<br&> Not only cavemen enjoy pulling hair<br&>

The coinciding chords for that verse / chorus are: G major / C Major 7 / G Major / C Major 7 / A minor / D 6 / A minor / D 6 / G Major<br&>

The second verse begins:<br&>

There's a tattoo parlor down the street<br&> A tattooed face often does look so sweet<br&> They call it weird on the avenue<br&> With all that's been done now what could be new?<br&>

For the record unlike Chrissie Hynde's love boys and Tattoo from Fantasy Island (Herve Villachaize if you will) , I am tattoo-free. Back then these were the TV shows you watched (Fantasy Island, The Love Boat and Vegas), and you pretty much didn't tune in and watch to see what Tattoo would do that week.<br&>

There are 4 verses in the released version of "Weird On The Avenue". Here is an alternate verse that was discarded.<br&>

Alot of beatings are makin' the news<br&> The news of love often gets them confused<br&> They call it weird on the avenue<br&> With all that's been done now what could be new?<br&>

In the middle eight of the song we learn how close this Hot Child In The City is in comparison to Bo Derek:<br&>

They say you're a 10<br&> I guess that means<br&> 10 dollars a night<br&>

As with all classic movies, I was there opening night in the cinema (see English for movie theatre) to see "10", as well as on opening night for the motion picture "Bolero".<br&>

The third verse relates:<br&>

Your piercings say you're on a crusade<br&> But down that street baby there's no parade<br&> They call it weird on the avenue<br&> With all that's been done now what could be new?<br&>

Once again, brace yourself, I am piercing-free.<br&>

The last verse finds the one they say is a "10", in a new position and destination.<br&>

I see your neck has found a noose<br&> I'm not a cop haven't lived your abuse<br&> The avenue has led me to here<br&> I'm holding back all my love for you weird<br&>

The last line was switched in the final version to:<br&>

I'm holding back all my tears for you weird<br&>


The track "Weird On The Avenue", includes myself on vocals and acoustic guitar, Billy Corgan on bass guitar, e-bow, and AA batteries slide guitar and Dennis on drums and backing vocals.<br&>

In a live setting occasionally, before a live audience, we would sometimes do a version of "Weird On The Avenue", with the music from "Weird On The Avenue" combined with the lyrics from "Raped".<br&>

What is this song ultimately about? It is to understand that life is not about playing dress-up, but rather it is about undressing the veils of the heart.<br&>