Undertaker Fred

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if you had a body<br&> if you just had an arm or two, we could be friends<br&> we could talk to one another if you had a tongue that didn't need such mending<br&> it's hard communicating with something that's only half living<br&> i don't usually talk to the dead<br&> but i was lonely tonight and my name is fred<br&> you can call me friend if you can't pronounce fred<br&> i'm not gonna take you apart again<br&> you can relax, i won't tell anyone what your problems are<br&> they never disturb me when i'm working<br&> i'm undertaker fred<br&> would you like me to shut the lights off?<br&> do you want me to work in the dark?<br&> if you got a lot of secrets you're trying to keep from people<br&> don't hide your secrets, there's really nothing you can do<br&> i'll see your faults anyway<br&> don't run away, oh what am i talking about?<br&> how are you gonna do that?<br&> i kinda wish in a way you weren't dead<br&> we can go out together and have some soup<br&>