U Bastards

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you should be sent to hell<br&> you rotten motherfuckers<br&> you bastards<br&> i'm a bastard<br&>

you should be sent to hell, you should<br&> for makin' fun of everything<br&> you can't tell if you're serious or not<br&> you bastards<br&> you mother mother motherfuckers<br&>

you' re gonna get yours<br&> either tomorrow or tonight<br&> tomorrow morning<br&> you rotten bastards<br&>

i don't know if you're gay or straight<br&> and personally i don't care<br&> you just keep makin' fun of everything<br&> that i'm aware of<br&>

you rotten bastards<br&> should be sent to hell<br&> you'll get yours<br&>