These Are The Finest Queen Boys (I've Ever Seen)

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start by kissing my ass<br&> i'll start by rubbing your balls<br&> we'll have a jammy time<br&> together one and all<br&>

what will we do<br&> later on when the butter runs out<br&> you'll probably scream and shout<br&> here comes the watermelon seed<br&> up my snoot snout<br&> and that's your asshole<br&> your snoot snout<br&> i'll put it through your eyesocket<br&> young man<br&> i'm the first man you've had<br&> don't tell me about loving women<br&> i don't want to know about it<br&>

this is our world men make sure of it<br&> we'll do with each other what we want so...<br&>

valvoline and vasoline<br&> and all the things in between<br&> oh don't scrub yourself up<br&> i like you unclean<br&> here comes jimmy jam joe<br&> and there goes sally marie<br&> these are the finest queen boys i've ever seen<br&> i even prefer then to my regular brand of sheep<br&>

sally jim john and jimmy joe blow<br&> there they go<br&> oh who will finish first?<br&> no one knows<br&> no one knows<br&>