The Wild Mouth Of The Buck-toothed Priest (Biting Everything That Came His Way)

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wild, it's the wild, the wild<br&> the wild mouth of the buck-toothed priest<br&> biting everything that came his way<br&> but never teats<br&>

babies bottoms were good<br&> and granny's ass is fine<br&> but when it came to 3-month old fetuses, well<br&> well he was in his prime<br&>

ah, the crazy fucking priest<br&> he was nuts, he was nuts about<br&> nuts about the town and the world<br&> the girls with the twirling tits made of brass<br&> alas, the lassie boys from ireland strolled through<br&> they strolled right through his ass<br&> 1 2 3 4 5 times through his ass<br&> 6 7 8 9 10 times through his ass<br&> and he didn't even catch aids, but<br&> what a crazy priest<br&> with the buck-tooth teeth<br&> they make 'em that way in ireland<br&>

oh, what are ya gonna do<br&> you're out in the middle of the congregation<br&> with a tooth suckin' to a gramma's ass<br&> the congregation staring<br&> well, you better think first