The Whole Damn Country Is Straight (Oh We're All Alone)

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there's not a saloon open in town this morning<br&> there's not a good bum to eat with this afternoon<br&> oh what will i eat for dinner that i haven't already eaten for breakfast?<br&> my friends are all gone and the plague has just begun<br&> the park is closed down and the worst thing we found out today<br&> the mayor of this town is straight<br&> oh the whole damn country is straight<br&> oh, ho, ho, ho, we're all alone<br&> here on our gay little thrones<br&> a persecuted bunch we are<br&> but not for long, not for long<br&> oh we got the balls, we're comin' on strong<br&> there's a lot of community support in the lesbian and gay community<br&> we'll make this whole country free<br&> we're going to have to rename the whole country san francisco<br&> oh either join up or bend over and open wide<br&> we won't take no for an answer<br&> oh we are right and you are all wrong<br&> you don't know the fun we have all year long<br&> now you've sent the plague to kill us and it is wrong<br&> it is wrong, there's nothing wrong with us<br&> loving, singing our love songs<br&> dykes and little faggot tricky boys<br&> we know how to run our lives<br&> we know how to play with our own toys<br&> oh, it's a sad day when the state of the world isn't gay, it's a shame<br&> i pledge allegiance to the fag<br&> of the united homos of the world, amen<br&>