The Toughest Man On The Block

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i'm the toughest man on this block<br&> i can kick any, any five year olds ass<br&> and i can hurt them, mother's won't protect them<br&> 'cause i'm the, the toughest man on this block<br&> i'll can kick any, any two year olds ass<br&> i'll give them a black and blue, blue eye<br&> any grandma that i happen to see, she's going to get hers too<br&> need some help crossing the street?<br&> i'm the wrong man to ask<br&> 'cause i'm the toughest man on this block, better not<br&> i'm the toughest man on this block<br&> i'll kick any five year olds ass in<br&> unprotected mothers and unwed girls i'll kick your rumps<br&> no ones gonna stop me<br&>

intensive care, be ready, i've got a couple on the way<br&> old people, youngsters under three i'll kick your asses inside and out<br&> watch it, watch out for me<br&> 'cause i'm the toughest man on this block<br&> i'll kick any five year old in<br&> the toughest man this side of hell<br&> i'll kick any two month childs ass<br&> any granny who needs the grocerys picked up from the store<br&> you better get a young able someone to help you<br&> to protect you when i punch your face<br&>

i'm the toughest man on the block<br&> wives without husbands<br&> i'll pick on your three year olds and five year olds playing in the yard<br&> you better have another guardian present<br&> 'cause i'm the toughest<br&>

i'm the toughest man, the toughest man, toughest man on the<br&> the toughest dude in the world<br&>

i'm the, the fucker of the block<br&> your kid was playing on the monkey bars<br&> he's got a broken face now<br&> you'll also notice he's been raped<br&> i'm the toughest man, nobody spits in my face<br&> i don't care too<br&> that's it ('cause i'm the toughest man)<br&>