The Sandbox (The World I Live In I Love)

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loving the world i'm living in<br&> loving the world today (i love you world)<br&> loving the world i'm playing in, loving playing today<br&> oh yes with the butterflies and the flowers<br&> and in time i'll go back to my sandbox<br&>

oh i've got a date this evening<br&> oh i've got a date today<br&> oh i've got a date tomorrow with the sandbox<br&>

i've got the day off from work<br&> so i'm going to the park<br&> with my butterfly net<br&> who knows, i may even catch a lark<br&>

haven't you heard, i love living in this world i've created<br&> girl, would you like to join me today?<br&>

i love the world i'm playing in today<br&> tomorrow, who knows, i might've destroyed this world<br&> there's not much left to do<br&> but play with the birds and butterflies<br&> in the sandbox, hide your eyes<br&> 'cause sand might get into your eyes<br&>

the world i live in i love, today<br&>