The Return Of Donny Swan Boy

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oh donny swan boy, donny wrong boy<br&> la da doh killed your master at the fair<br&> what a way to go<br&> donny swan boy, donny don done boy<br&> your feathers one by one<br&> they pull them out and then your done<br&>

you know what time of day it is in prison?<br&> oh the return of donny swan boy<br&> la da doh they left you out in the cold<br&> and now you're your shivering<br&> get to a warm pond boy<br&> get you out of the cold boy<br&> la da doh they got you out alright<br&> one hundred and fifty five years on death row<br&> la da da dah donny oh<br&>

oh you shouldn't of killed, donny swan boy<br&> la da doh, la da da da doh<br&> donny boy, oh donny boy<br&> after all those fine years and those fine shows<br&> how could they put you behind bars?<br&> you were the most<br&>

sing your last swan song, donny boy<br&> it looks like this is the end of donny swan boy<br&> i thought it was the return of donny swabby boy<br&>