The Pygmies Attempting To Cleanse By Fire (I'm Not Clean But I'm Alive)

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took guts to love me<br&> it took a lot of brains to figure out what a good butch boy you had<br&> cleansing me down<br&> water hosing me all around the place<br&> taking me down to the pond<br&> i know i'm in need of a good scrub job<br&> hob knobbling, cock gobbling<br&> wash tub women and men and soldiers and friends of the pygmy tribe<br&> they tried to clean us<br&> african blues<br&> we'll wash if we want, we're americans<br&> keep your spears to yourselves, girls<br&> boys, you know where my tent is<br&> attempting to cleanse by fire<br&> i prefer the water but they went for fire<br&> oh the hoses, hosing me down<br&> oh i'll never get home<br&> the flight i booked, plane crashed<br&> the pilot's ass was burned in the fire and consumed whole<br&> but he was clean when he died<br&> i'm not clean but i'm alive<br&> no justice in this world<br&> nobody said it would be fair<br&> but there's enough fairies here to keep any man satisfied<br&>