The New In Town Sailor

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hello, i'm your new neighbour, sailor<br&> say where can a boy get a bite to eat in this town?<br&> where can i get a bite of anything?<br&> i'll even take a pussy<br&>

say here gentlemen<br&> do you know where i could get a, a job?<br&> i don't mind heavy work<br&> i've worked on the docks<br&>

i've lifted a lot of things had a lot of things put inside me<br&> oh this seemed like a pretty friendly town<br&> there's no weirdos here<br&> but thank god in this here town there's seemed to be a lot of queers<br&>

i'm glad i got off the boat in this town<br&> it's been quite an enjoyable experience so far<br&> i've only visited the clinic once<br&> and that was just for aids<br&>

i got no hang-ups about nothing<br&> i'll do anything once, even die<br&>