The Negro Nun From Alaska

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oh once in a while i like to bite your hips like a crocodile<br&> my mind bit the dust and the crust of bread i chose not to eat<br&> in the desert of the savage...<br&> the savage nun, satan's sidekick in tow<br&> who would have known she'd be such an angry slut in the snow<br&> the angry negro slut in the snow<br&> biting boys butts and balls and tying ribbons round the priest's condoms at dawn<br&> oh what a lovely sarong she had on<br&> oh, oh, oh yeah, oh, oh, yeah, yeah<br&> lighting candles in the midnight hour of the chaplain's home<br&> chaplain jones, how could you have known an alaskan nun would make you moan and groan?<br&> on your own, you were left alone that weekend<br&> that weekend alone with the alaskan nun in heat<br&> oh she turned a bright beety red<br&> oh you both ran and fled when the blood ran down the legs a virgin<br&> a virginess alaskan nun at your feet sucking your toes and your teats<br&> oh you were a weird motherfucking priest<br&> but i'll never forget the night, she pulled my cock, she grabbed it so tight<br&> the negro nun from alaska, the negro nun from alaska all night long<br&>