The Longing Goes Away

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 3 off of our LP "Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise", is "The Longing Goes Away". It was one of 2 songs written on February 22, 1993 ( The first being "This Planet" ). "The Longing Goes Away", was written on a wintry night in my upstairs bedroom. Because of your intense desire and longing for the lyrics to "The Longing Goes Away", I lay them before you in print :<br&>


I think about you every night<br&> I'm sleepin' less and less each night<br&> They say it gets easier<br&> And the longing goes away<br&>

I wish I'd never said those things<br&> I hurt you something bad, something<br&> They watch me from the heavens<br&> And although I fall<br&>

I dream about you every night<br&> I'm sleepin' with your picture tight<br&> They say it gets easier<br&> And the longing goes away<br&>


The song is played with a capo on the 5th fret. The chord progression for the verses is : C Major / G Major ( open chord, B in bass ) / F Major. The chord progression for the chorus is : E minor / D Major ( G b in bass ) / G Major / D Major ( G b in bass ). I played the acoustic guitar at famous Bjorn Thorsrud's ( from the band "Fear Of Success" ) apartment in 1997, and sang the vocals in his closet in the dark with a slight flicker of light. I remember a candle for mood lighting to get the emotional state the lyrics required. Since the acoustic guitar was not played to a click track, Bjorn would later loop it. Billy had heard the original vocal and acoustic guitar demo, but thought that the song needed an updated sound. Later, in Billy Corgan's upstairs bedroom, Billy layed down the bass, drums, harpsichord and string melody line in 10 minutes. The "hello" robot sample was Dennis' idea and Dennis dropped in the "hello's" throughout the song in the appropriate and hookiest spots. Kelley Deal of The Breeders, was crazy about the song "The Longing Goes Away" and thought the song so beautiful that she wanted me to record the song for "The Last Hard Men" LP, which we did. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam performed the song with The Frogs live twice, once in St. Louis and another time in Seattle. The first time in St. Louis, the second night of a 2 night stint at The Fox Theatre, when we opened for Pearl Jam, Eddie was hoisted 40 feet in the air above the stage, while we played the intro to "The Longing Goes Away". Before we went on stage, Eddie said that the stage hands coudn't jury rig his harness, so he wasn't going to be able to fly for the song. He was putting us on. During our set, we started playing the intro to "The Longing Goes Away" and Eddie came flying on stage right above the band 40 feet in the air and flew down and landed in front of the microphone. He then delivered this speech, "I was flying overhead watching my favorite band The Frog, my favorite band The Frogs. And because you people don't know good music when you hear it, I had to come down to help them. So this song is their song, and it's one of the most beautiful songs ever written, and I'd like you to listen to it as a personal favor to me, o.k." After he had sung the lyrics, he flew up to the ceiling and out of sight as the song faded and ended.<br&>

I think about you every night. This is about someone who's got it bad. Even though we had something of a relationship, there was something that was never finalized, actualized or realized. There was a deep connection, fascination and attraction. I'm sleepin' less and less each night. Although it had been years, you still wonder why the two people and their tales took different directions. They say it gets easier and the longing goes away. They say it does but for me it does not and that is the meaning here. What is the meaning of this? This is the meaning of this. I wish I'd never said those things. The person this song is about made a comment about me in public and I retaliated with a comment. The comment and the retaliated comment shall remain sealed until an advance offer for a tell all book is accepted. I hurt you something bad. My comment was directed at one of this person's physical features, that I in my sweet and caring way brought into question. This person's reaction was "You're so cruel", which inspired my 1986 song "Cruelty To Animals". Something. The person this song is about, wanted me to sing something for one of their friends to show me off, and I sang "Something" by George Harrison. They watch me from the heavens. When you look upon yourself from a higher place. And although I fall. The goal is to rise. I dream about you every night. A disciplined, dedicated dreamer. I'm sleepin' with your picture tight. A photograph forever imprinted in the heart.<br&>

The track "The Longing Goes Away" consists of vocals and acoustic guitar by myself, keyboads, bass and drums programmed by Billy Corgan, and robot "hello's" courtesy of Dennis.<br&>