The Lollipops Suck Song

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la dee da<br&> lollipops and tippie-tops<br&> penises in bloom and suckies<br&> lollipops and tippie-tops<br&> and pop come around for a little suck himself<br&>

i'll make you wait in line<br&> if you don't get a suck this time<br&> lollipops, the lemon and the limes<br&> swinging off the tippie-top of the penis<br&> and lollipops, get the top<br&> get to the top of my lollipop before it eh<br&> before it all drips down and there's none left<br&> you gotta get some now<br&> you gotta get some now<br&> you gotta get some now, before it all runs out<br&> lick the swirl inside out<br&> lick my lollipops inside out<br&> my lollipops, there goes pops and there's mums not far behinds<br&> and there's the lollipops, the lollipops<br&> the lolli lolli lolli<br&> la-dee-dee-dee-dee-dah<br&> suckie-da, mmmm suck suck till your lips suck off<br&> and then the lollipop suck and suck me off<br&> and you gotta suck me off and as you can suck<br&> the lollipops, the lolli, la-dee-dee-dee-dee<br&>

the lollipop sucks, suck me off<br&> and the drippy-drop-drippy drops off<br&> you gotta suck me til drippies drop off<br&> there's got the lolli, lolli-lee-lee<br&> lee with the lollipop<br&> the lollipop suck til the drippies drop off<br&> and then you suck me til your ma says come home<br&> don't ever go home to your ma<br&> once you've got ahold of my little lollipops<br&> don't ever drop off<br&> oh no no, don't ever drop off<br&> drop out<br&>

with your lsd cock inside of your mouth<br&> you'll never drop off<br&> you'll drop out though<br&>