The Last Hard Men

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The Last Hard Men were an alternative music supergroup composed of Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach, The Frogs guitarist Jimmy Flemion, The Breeders guitarist–vocalist Kelley Deal, and The Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. Contents [hide] 1 Recordings 2 Track listing 2.1 1998 version 2.2 2001 version 3 See also 4 References 5 External links [edit]Recordings

The group recorded a full-length, self-titled album for Atlantic Records, who then optioned not to release it. In 1998, it was released on Kelley Deal's label, Nice Records, with no fanfare and a very limited pressing of 1000 CDs, which may have been sold via mail order only. It was rereleased on Spitfire Records in 2001, and the album can currently be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon and iTunes. The group appears on the soundtrack to the film Scream, with their cover of "School's Out". [edit]Track listing

[edit]1998 version Limited to 1000 copies.[1] The Last Hard Men Fucked Over Jesus That Very Night 'Interlude - Sebastian Bach Questions The Most Powerful Man in the World Sleep Baby, I'm King Interlude - Kelley Deal Questions Who Made You Do It "If You Wanna Rock, Go To The Quarry" – 2:31 Spider Love I Hate The Way You Walk Interlude - Jimmy Flemion Questions When the Longing Goes Away Candy Comes Play in the Clouds Interlude - Jimmy Chamberlin Questions Satan's in the Manager [sic] Destiny Mail Interlude The interludes are not listed on the back cover, but are short separate tracks that feature weird Q&A with the band members. [edit]2001 version Sebastian Bach Interview Sleep School's Out (Alice Cooper cover) Kelley Deal Interview The Last Hard Men Who Made You Do It? Candy Comes The Most Powerful Man in the World That Very Night Play In The Clouds Satan's in the Manger In Search of the Peace of Mind (Scorpions cover) Fan Mail Jimmy Chamberlin Interview I Enjoy Being a Girl Spider Love When the Longing Goes Away I Hate The Way You Walk Jimmy Flemion Interview If You Want to Rock, Go to the Quarry Baby, I'm King Final Interview Who Made You Do It? (II)