The Homo Zoo (Oh What Did I See At)

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la-da-da-dee-dee-dah, la-dee-dee-daa-daa<br&> oh, what did i see at the homo zoo today?<br&> oh, giraffe boy taking in about twelve feet of cock<br&> and there's a hippo boy, he took a lot too<br&> oh, oh, oh there's the elephant boy<br&> look at that trunk, what a punk<br&> there's a handlebar moustache on the water buffalo<br&> he's the only one who ain't gay, but what the hey<br&> the rest of the zoo is queer<br&> you find these things out when you get it from the rear<br&> oh the penguin boys, dressed in white and black<br&> with their top hats on, oh their backsides are dripping down with<br&> pus from the spermy little boys who got inside of them last night after hours<br&> oh, when they were in the hospital, i brought them flowers<br&> oh, don't feed no peanuts to the gorilla boys, gorilla<br&> oh, very strong boys, very long boys are crawling over the fence<br&> making dents inside the rhinos nostrils<br&> ah-da-la-da-da, ah-la-de-da-de-da<br&> oh there's some dyke animals in this, this park too<br&> thank god for little homos and lesbians, little dykes and...<br&> oh what, what do i see?<br&> what is placed before me?<br&> polar cub charlie crawling right out of his pen<br&>