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  1. And So You're The King
  2. C-R-Y
  3. Layin' Down My Love 4 U
  4. Ocean Tide
  5. She Was A Mortal
  6. I'm A Jesus Child
  7. What The Trouble Was
  8. Funhouse
  9. Buried Me Alive
  10. Smile
  11. Persian Cat
  12. F'd Over Jesus
  13. Hades High School
  14. Don't B Afraid
  15. I Can't Remember
  16. Whether U Like It Or Not I Love U


From The Frogs myspace:<br&>

To understand and to put our first LP in perspective it is important to note that it was recorded and mixed in 995 hours of studio time financed with my own money by working a 9 to 5 job at a hospital. Our recording sessions would sometimes run late until say 2 A.M. I would then go home, sleep until 5:30 A.M. and get up for work the next day. Our recording engineer Todd Scott worked during the day at the studio, so by the time he was ready to record us at night he would be tired from working all day.<br&>

The album was recorded at Pearl Studios located on the east side of Milwaukee. It was a jingles studio. Our engineer juggled his work schedule to where he could fit us in (sometimes we would work for 2 hours a night and other times it would be a longer time slot). On the weekends we would rent a 4 track reel to reel recorder to work out our guitar parts, keyboards, vocals, harmonies and arrangements on the songs we would be preparing to record in the studio. We rented a cello as well. First time either of us attempted playing one (Dennis on "What The Trouble Was" and I on "Buried Me Alive"). At the same time that we were recording our demos for the first LP at home, while we had the 4 track-reel to reel rented out we would be making up songs (improvising them to tape as the tape rolled). These songs would include the "It's Only Right And Natural" LP as well as countless other made-up songs. So all in all, between The Frogs first LP and all of the practicing, rehearsing, recording and live shows, we significantly honed our chops and skills on our instruments and craft. Dennis' constant pursuit for perfection pushed me to the limits (doing take after take in the studio) always coaxing a better performance out of me.<br&>

So to tally it all up, The Frogs first LP began at Pearl Studios on February 3, 1986 and after 995 hours of recording and mixing the LP ($10,000), renting a 4 track reel to reel recorder ($2,000), renting a cello ($700), recording tape, mastering, test pressings, artwork (Dennis' watermelon and cats painting) and the pressing of the records came to a grand total of $17,000. This came out of, as I said, my own pocket. The LP was finally completed and released on October 21, 1988. There were 1,010 copies that were shipped to our house and we piled all 20 boxes of 50 LP's againt the wall. We put some copies on consignment at record stores and sold others at live shows. We eventually did sell them out and the vinyl LP's are now collectors items.<br&>

On September 29, 1987 I received a phone call from Gerard Cosloy at Homestead Records saying he wanted to put out an album by us. We thought he wanted to put out The Frogs first LP but as it turned out Dennis had reluctantly given our live bass player Jay Tiller, a copy of our made up-songs, who in turn gave a copy to Steve Albini, who in turn sent a copy to Gerard Cosloy. Which leads us to the next blog and our next album.<br&>