The Crimes Of The World

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fishing for love, devotion to the evil above<br&> it's a crime, the shit that's goin' on in the world<br&> you're takin' the piss on mtv<br&> you people make me puke, you bastards<br&>

there's only one solution, we bought the gun<br&> we're gonna have a lot of goddamn, as you know it's called...<br&> woooo!<br&>

there's not a hypocrite in the land<br&> i gotta key to my zoo, it's gonna be grand when you're living there<br&> it's where you belong, you won't tell any more lies<br&> we'll put your little tv up your rump<br&> it's almost time, for the resurrection of the slime<br&>

woooo! (woooo!) my god<br&> well, tv is out the window, out the door<br&> a lotta people are out of jobs, it's a brand new war<br&> the generals don't know how to play this game<br&> blood was tame compared to this sex<br&>

oh, you're all outta business now<br&> we're milking all the cows<br&> it's over, you're all doomed<br&> see ya soon, in the other place<br&> (preacher)