The Blue-eyed Devil & The Brown-eyed Angel

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 23 off of our LP "Racially Yours", is "The Blue-Eyed Devil & The Brown-Eyed Angel. It was written at work on August 27, 1992 and completed on August 29, 1992. It has the same pentameter as Bernie Taupin's lyric to, "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy".<br&>

Keep your eyes on the piercing lyrics as they grip you like a vice:<br&>


All the time while on the cross<br&> You had a white heart<br&>

Favoring one race, keepin' us apart<br&> Reduced to loving you<br&>

Racially dissected, white and unproud<br&> Racial spirituals, divinity denied<br&>

The streets of hell are unequaled<br&> In heaven the blue-eyed devil<br&> And the brown-eyed angel<br&>


The chord progression for the entire song is : G Major / D Major / C Major / E minor. The chords revolve in a circle creating a trance like state and timelessness quality. The keyboard melodies were created by Dennis.<br&>

All the time. The first song I wrote was written in 1977 and was called, "Out Of Fear". The first lyric in that first song I wrote was "Time", ("Time goes by and I'm only sitting here"). The song "9 To 5" by The Kinks off of their "Soap Opera" LP contains the line, ("And time goes by, the hours tick away". The LP "Soap Opera", was and remains one of my all time favorite albums. In 1976, I used to put on the LP, and while my friends were over, I would mime all the lyrics complete with wardrobe changes. I saw The Kinks on their "Sleepwalker", "Misfits", "Low Budget", "One For The Road", "GiveThe People What They Want", tours along with seeing Ray Davies on his solo "Other People's Lives" tour. They are one of my all time favorite bands. I love Ray's writing and his charismatic stage presence. While on the cross. We all have our problems, some BIG, some are small, soon all of our problems will be taken by the cross. The cross is comprised of two beams, one vertical and one horizontal. The vertical beam represents our relationship to god. The horizontal beam represents our relationship to others in the human family. The horizontal beam is wholly dependent upon the vertical beam to maintain it's place. Without the vertical beam, it is impossible for the horizontal beam to function. You had a white heart. Pure and glowing. Favoring one race. Biased. Keeping us apart. It's easy to hate and draw a line, for error is human, forgiveness divine. Reduced to loving you. Non-dual beyond compare and none can measure you, without color, expression or form, nor attributes to lend. Racially dissected. Break it down. We're all the same. White and unproud. Say it loud. If one is black and proud, it goes without saying that the alternative is white and unproud. Racial spirituals. Let me bring you songs from the cross. Let me bring you songs from the wood. Divinity denied. Come home brother, all is forgiven, we all cried when you were driven away. All access divinity pass. By denying the beast, he became the son of god. I'll never end, transcend, transcend. The streets of hell are unequaled. On the streets of Philahellphia. You have got to agree that nothing comes close to the streets of hell. In heaven the blue-eyed devil and the brown-eyed angel. Behing blue eyes. I've got blue eyes. Baby's got blue eyes. Old blue eyes. I saw Frank Sinatra and Buddy Rich in 1983 in Milwaukee. As old blue eyes walked into the arena to take the stage, I touched his shoulder. He would be forever changed. The songs last lyrics are the song's title, like George Michael's song "One More Try", that also ends on the title where he was "Looking out for angels". The Rascals are one of my all time favorite bands, simply amazing. Their LP "Once Upon A Dream", is one of my all time favorites. Vocals, talent and musical perfection. You're out looking 'til you look inside, and I see you've found it, there's a place called heaven, you might think it's kinda square, oh, oh yeah, don't believe in heaven, you ain't never been there. Just as new life will come from death, love will come at leisure, love of love, love of life, and giving without measure gives in return a wondrous yearn of a promise almost seen, live hand in hand and together we'll stand on the threshold of a dream.<br&>

The track "The Blue-Eyed Devil & The Brown-Eyed Angel", contains vocal and acoustic guitar by myself and keyboards by Dennis.<br&>