Suck Me Off (It's The End Of The World)

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suck me off<br&> rosey red balls falling out of the sky<br&> it's the end of the world<br&> i had to cry suck me off<br&> blow me world<br&> this is the end<br&>

bleeding red anuses falling out of the earth<br&> what the fuck the whole thing's upside down<br&> it's worse than this<br&> the end of the world<br&> suck me off<br&>

just like rain<br&> alligators with fifteen foot penises coming down<br&> oh, green scary shit it's the end of the world<br&> you better suck me off<br&> suck me off<br&> oh blow me world and while you're at it suck me off<br&> i don't care how much time is left i gotta get me some head<br&> the whole damn world is bleeding<br&> oh blood everywhere<br&>

you might as well as suck me off<br&> i'll suck the world dry<br&> i'm thirsty i'll have some blood<br&> it's a vampire loving night for horny bastards like me with the bat blues<br&>

suck me off<br&> trillions of bats with busted balls flying through the air<br&> you can hear their call, suck us off<br&> bleeding down vampire mother effers<br&> and the cows they've landed upon are crying<br&> and the horses dug a hole where the cow dung was smelling up the world<br&> and the mayor came on tv today and he said<br&> everyone, suck me off<br&>