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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

There are 2 songs of mine wherein I use C tuning on the guitar. They are "Rid Me Of My Powers How?" (a song I wrote in 1995) and a song that was written over the course of two days on November 4th and November 5, 1992- "Starboy".<br&> Now you've heard of "Starman" and even "Stargirl", but this song challenges the morals of a sweet and innocent "Starboy" to see just how far he will go in the land of casting couches. This song was inspired by a friend of mine, ours, and yours Bobby Brabant or as his mother called him in a long drawn out tender voice Bob. We met Bobby in 1978 at The Kinks concert at the Performing Arts Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dennis and I were in 2nd row center seats and Bobby was in a first row center seat. Dennis and I were joking going on kiddingly about how the Bruce Springsteen show sucked the other night and Bobby turned around and said "Fuck you". This sparked off a relationship of show business memories and good times that has lasted 30 years now. I remember Bobby sometime in 1992 prior to the writing of this song in conversation saying that the record companies want young strung out kids who are willing to do anything to make it.<br&>

Ed Vedder, who plays in the Grandma Pearl Jam band, especially liked this song of mine. When we opened for Pearl Jam in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1995 at the Marcus Amphithetre, Eddie sang "Starboy" while I played acoustic guitar during Pearl Jam's encore. I remember one time whilst being on tour with Eddie backstage in his dressing room, he looked at me and said "Just think this could all be yours" referring to the "Starboy" lyrics.<br&>

Here are those "Starboy" lyrics (no extra out-takes here). The lyrics came streaming out from the quill right to the page:<br&>


Executive with his pants down<br&> Sittin' behind a dsek<br&> How bad do you wanna be a starboy?<br&> Be a starboy<br&>

That mansion on that hill could be yours<br&> Fancy cash and girls<br&> How bad do you wanna be a starboy?<br&> Be a starboy<br&>

Finish me off<br&> Undo yourself<br&> Put this heroin in your arm<br&> You're on your way<br&>

I think we can do business boy<br&> It's a crazy business but it's worth it<br&> How bad do you wanna be a starboy"<br&> Be a starboy<br&>


The song is finger picked in a finger pinching technique in a C major open tuning. CGCGCE. The chord progression is: C Major / F major Diminished / C Major / A (open no third) / B (open no third) / C Major. The middle 8 chord progression is D Major (C in bass) / C Major / D b Major (C in bass) / C Sus 4 C Major.<br&>

"Starboy" was recorded at Billy Corgan's house (upstairs). Billy set up a drum loop, and while he played the C Major chord throughout the song (at the top end of the keyboard) Dennis played the bass note at the other end of the keyboard at the same time. I sang and played acoustic guitar, and with Billy's space echo effect, I played the guitar solo in one take.<br&>

Ray Davies of The Kinks spoke of stars all the time. In "Sitting In My Hotel", ("If my friends could see me now driving 'round just like a film star"), in Celluloid Heroes", ("You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard", and in "Everybodys A Star (Starmaker)", ("I'm a starmaker, yes I'm gonna make you a star, no matter how dull or simple you are, 'cause everybody's a star"). John Lennon in "Instant Karma", (Who on earth do you think you are , a superstar?, well right you are"), and in "I Found Out", ("They didn't want me so they made me a star"). Sylvester Stewart, or Sly Stone as you call him, "Everybody Is A Star". George Harrison, in his song "Wah-Wah", sang about Paul McCartney, ("You made me such a big star, being there at the right time, cheaper than a dime"). Jerry Lewis, as Buddy Love of the Los Angeles Loves in the 1963 motion picture, "The Nutty Professor", tells principle Kelp, "You're stuck with it, even if you wanted to get rid of it, you couldn't". The it factor. Star quality. The it girl. Clara Bow. The intangible factor. As Mark Feld or Marc Bolan as you knew him said, "When you have arrived, you are undeniable".<br&>