Spanish Fly

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i tell ya<br&> spanish manners, spanish fly, spanish lies<br&> spanish shifty winds and suns<br&> gringos bringing santabos for girls<br&> spanish manners, spanish fly and the lies<br&> spanish gringo bring me the water to drink<br&> ah something in the ointment<br&> well it looks like you poisoned the girl, gringo<br&> there is a price to pay<br&> strung up spanish gringo fly<br&> you told too many of the gringos lies<br&> you shouldn't have and l-i-e-d'd<br&> and now that you did, the noose and<br&> spanish manners, but you are no spanish fly<br&> spanish rope burns<br&> now you've got spanish eyes<br&> that's spanish pain you're feeling now<br&> you paid the price for your little spanish whore<br&> ooohh spanish fly<br&>