She Was A Pagan Virgin Ape Girl (Shining Like The Sun)

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she was a pagan virgin shining ape girl sun<br&> wildly swinging the fist into the sun<br&> she was a pagan witch soul diving through the underworld<br&> living in sin, such a girl<br&> oh the multitudes, oh watching her dance at the fair and the circus<br&> look at all that hair, how she prostituted herself<br&>

pagan virgin shining angel like the sun<br&> swinging wildly she glanced upon the nun<br&> she was a virgin sunshine sweeping across the gun barrel<br&> she had lots of kicks<br&>

ah, overtime behind the mirrors<br&> the fair's closing down<br&> how will you get your money now, girl?<br&>

she was a pagan virgin shining apple of the sun<br&> oh, she didn't have no more fun<br&> she was a pagan girl<br&> she was a pagan virgin shining like the apple sun<br&> running away, there ain't no running<br&> there ain't no gettin' away, there ain't no<br&> there ain't no pagan virgins shining like the sun<br&> dying in the moon, the clouds drifted away<br&> as the blue monkey sang a tune on his harp<br&> quite an act<br&>