Rosy Jack World

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oh come on<br&> oh come on<br&>

rosy jack's world<br&> you'll find the boys and girls 'round here<br&> uh huh yeah yeah<br&> rosy jack world, everybody's in tears<br&> don't know why<br&> i gave 'em all the love i got inside<br&> don't know why<br&> don't know why<br&> they get all of my love<br&>

rosy jack world, come along<br&> we're gonna sing such a happy song<br&> downstairs in the barn<br&> come on kids, join along<br&>

this is our world kids<br&> have fun while u can<br&> ah your mother didn't know<br&> where u were when i found u<br&> sorry 'bout that<br&> oh child don't cry again<br&> 'cause rosy jack world<br&> this is a place where u belong friend<br&>

oh child, child, child don't cry<br&> child, child i'll tell you why<br&> rosy jack man is down your pants<br&>

rosy jack world<br&> oh rosy jack world<br&> oh rosy jack world<br&> i'm your squirrel man<br&>

don't u know about<br&> rosy jack world<br&> rosy jack world<br&> he's an evil man<br&>

painted up clown and you're evil as hell<br&> oh why don't u find yourself<br&> a boy down inside<br&> the wishing well<br&> wishing well<br&>

oh rosy jack world<br&> rosy jack world<br&> oh you like the boys more than the girls<br&> in your rosy jack world<br&>