Raymond Roy

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it's a shame<br&> through the drizzling vegas rain<br&> keep your kids indoors ladies<br&> and gentlemen<br&> i'd like to introduce myself<br&> i'm your next door neighbour<br&> staying at the sheridan<br&> what are you wearing to the casino tonight?<br&> it should be fun playing backgammon<br&> but before i forget to mention - your child<br&> your son roy<br&> raymond roy ball<br&> i told him to stay away from my room<br&> he snuck in and got some poker chips<br&> been playing there all day<br&> well i warned him if i caught him there again, what i'd do<br&> of course i returned a few hours later inavertently<br&> dropping through after i'd taken a quick shower<br&> with the owner of the hotel<br&> swell man, but that's another story entirely<br&> oh, we were both swollen and...<br&> well i'll get back to the main point of the story, yes i will<br&> your son, i caught him with the chips again<br&> the chips were down in his case<br&> pretty soon the pants where down<br&> and i guess i'm the first to tell you, your son is pregnant, but...<br&> you'll be leaving tomorrow<br&> and there's an abortion clinic in tiajuana<br&> here's my card, i, i, i, i run it<br&> i'll meet you there at about noon<br&> like i said, raymond roy shoulda kept his bra on during the whole adventure<br&> or maybe this would have never happened<br&> because you see, i'm not attracted to women no more as i, ah, you, you've probably guessed<br&> but both of us, both of us will meet together down there<br&> and i just warn ya, when you're down there<br&> don't purchase the leather, it's kind of expensive<br&> from what i hear, there's queers down there too<br&>