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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

The second song off of The Frogs "Starjob" EP is "Raped". The original title for the song was "I Raped Someone". It was written on April, 18, 1991 in five minutes between 8:25 and 8:30 P.M. Pete Townsend had mentioned the word in 1969 in the rock opera "Tommy" on the song "We're Not Going To Take It"<br&> ("We forsake you, gonna rape you") and again in 1973 in his rock opera "Quadrophenia" on the song "Dr. Jimmy" ("Who is she?, I'll rape it"). Alice Cooper in his song off of "Billion Dollar Babies" ("Raped And Freezin'").<br&> Interestingly enough song two off of that album as well. Dennis Flemion in his song ("The Rapist") in 1984. K. on ("In Utero") in 1994 in a song called ("Rape Me"). I mentioned it one more time in a song in 1993 called ("They Screamed From The Mountaintops") in a lyric ("Rape is wrong, they screamed from the mountaintops"). Remember this song "Raped" was written on April 18, 1991, but the "Starjob" EP was not released until May 6, 1997. The song was inspired from an unexpected source's surprising revelation.<br&>


The lyrics read:<br&>

Everyone's makin' a big deal out of the fact<br&> That I raped someone<br&> What's the crime? I had fun<br&>

The chord progression complementing that section of the song is:<br&>

B Major / G b Major / G major / B Major / G Major / E minor / B Major.<br&>

Then the lyrics read:<br&>

Someone put me away<br&> Someone punch me out<br&> Someone let me play<br&> Let me get it out<br&>

The chord progression that goes hand and hand with that section is:<br&>

D b minor / A Major / E Major / B Major.<br&>

Then as the story unfolds we discover that:<br&>

After all she was a nun<br&> And the priest wanted to watch<br&>

The chords befitting this section of the song are:<br&>

E major / A b minor / A Major / G b minor / G b Diminished.<br&>

Later on we find out that "We had fun" suggesting that more than one party is involved, although the perpetrator wonders "What's the crime? I (We) had fun".<br&>


The track ("Raped") consists of myself on Vocals, Acoustic, Electric and Bass guitar, Dennis on drums and Jimmy Chamberlin on bongos. A typical whisper to a scream electric guitar moment (where the fuzz pedal is kicked in) occurred and was recorded at the ("Someone put me away") section and was punched out after ("the priest wanted to watch") lyric. This fuzz elecric guitar was later muted in favor of the acoustic released version of the song. The original guitar solo was effectively erased by a second engineer appropriately named Rusty.<br&>

ps one more rape reference: from the lp Zenyatta Mondatta by The Police "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" ("their logic ties me up and rapes me") and later in the same song ("their logic ties you up and rapes you.")<br&>