Racially Yours (Song)

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

The title track, track six off of our LP "Racially Yours" was written on November 17, 1990. Check it :<br&>


Does it matter dark or light<br&> Or light or dark or dark or light 'cause<br&> I'm racially yours 'til the end of time<br&> I'm racially yours for a shoeshine<br&>

Does it matter barbeque or chicken<br&> Cornbread, watermelon?<br&> I'm racially yours<br&>

You're to be applauded for singin' in a church<br&> And bringin' us rock 'n roll<br&> I'm to be applauded for pickin' cotton<br&> While the sun burnt me and my soul<br&>

I'm racially yours 'til the end of time<br&> I'm racially yours<br&>


At the commencement of a letter, a signature reads sincerely yours. The signature here could mean to Steve Perry of Journey, "I'm forever yours, faithfully". The deepest dedication possible. Hopelessly devoted to you. Then again, it may mean that one is monogamous to one's race. But once again and then again, it just might mean that I am every race encapsulated. Spacially yours. Represent. I personally feel strongly about this album because the message and musical accompaniment moves one soul so. It appears as if there is a conversation going on in this song or it just might be one person speaking. Take your pick or pick your take or take your pick. The song takes on a circus atmosphere with Dennis' keyboard embellishments. In the middle eight when the church lyrics arrive, Dennis' church organ transports us to pew number one for a ringside seat. I am a big fan of Tyler Perry's work and when the singers in his movies and plays belt out their gospel songs, their gifted voices get to me. One of the reasons I started to write these blogs is that I read and heard Tyler Perry say that his life started to turn around bright eyes and improve dramatically upon writing down his thoughts in journals. Speaking of "Racially Yours" or racing, I used to race home after school to watch "Speed Racer", Racer X who was actually his older brother Rex Racer who ran away from home, his sister Trixie Racer, Pops Racer, his younger brother Spritle Racer and their lovable pet chimpanzee Chim-Chim. In the second verse the lyrics read, "Does it matter barbeque or chicken, cornbread, watermelon?" Yes to me since you asked, of the four choices aforementioned, I dig and eat chicken and watermelon. Dennis wrote a bluesy coda to the song with the added lyric after "I'm Racially Yours", he wrote "And you're racially mine", that we included while performing this song live. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Happy Valentines Day.<br&>

The chord progression for the chorus and verses of "Racially Yours just so happens to be : G Major / D 7 / G Major / D 7 / G Major / D 7 / G Major / D Major / C Major / C Major Sus 4 / C Major / G Major / D 7 / G Major / D 7 / G Major / D 7 / G Major / D Major / C Major / C Major Sus 4 / C Major / D Major. The middle eight choral church choir section is : D major / A minor / C Major Diminished.<br&>

The song "Racially Yours," consists of myself on vocals and acoustic guitar and Dennis on keyboards.<br&>