Racially Yours (Album)

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  1. Truth
  2. Holidays 4 King
  3. Sorry I'm White
  4. White Guy
  5. 400 Years
  6. Racially Yours
  7. Now You Know You're Black
  8. White Like Me
  9. My Slave
  10. Freedom
  11. Whitefully Dead
  12. Blackman, Blackman
  13. Full Of Monkeys
  14. I Had A Dream
  15. Revolution
  16. Massa
  17. Darkmeat 4 Sale
  18. The Flag
  19. An Unwanted Child & A Wanted Man
  20. 2 Blacks Don't Make A White
  21. The Purification Of The Race
  22. You're A Bigot
  23. The Blue-eyed Devil & The Brown-eyed Angel
  24. Uncle Sam Loves U
  25. Prejudiced


The album was released on July 14, 2000 and the lucky ones to get a copy of this CD first received them on tour in Canada before they appeared in the stores. This was the same tour where our CD's were confiscated at the Canadian border and our paths crossed with Mike Myers at the pizza parlor on the corner near the El Macombo in Toronto. The album "Racially Yours" was ready for release in 1993 as the follow up to "It's Only Right And Natural", but record companies were jealous of the sheer beauty of the disc and the world was to wait patiently for 7 years. Well worth the wait, it is an emotional record that takes the listener on a journey of sheer sonic joy. With the record being recorded at home on a 4 track recorder, Dennis once again does a superb production job, painting an aesthetic landscape of sound. The album was deemed too controversial. Go figure. We purposely put a sticker on the CD, "The most controversial album of all time". The album opened a dialogue for racial discussion and in the album's story line, the black man wins in the end. I myself was pointing out in my songs on the album, the different mindsets and hearts in all of us and that thoughts and feelings differ in the pre-enlightened ones.<br&>

Originally intended to be a 14 track album, but later agreed on extending the tracking order to 25 songs when the record company delayed the album release.<br&>