Put Your Finger In The Dike, Stop The Leak

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whatever you like<br&> whatever you like<br&> whatever you want<br&> whatever you like<br&> whatever you want<br&>

oh put your finger in the dike, stop the leak<br&>

squeaky connie kim john<br&> your teacup is full of water<br&> i oughta tell your mother on you<br&> you weren't supposed to be seen with older men<br&> younger ones are alright<br&>

crystal pete patty had a handjob with annie<br&> oh her fanny boys twisted-up and greased-like<br&> behind the boys there stood the older man<br&> who controlled the flow of the dike<br&> eventually tonight the leak stopped<br&> alright yaah<br&>

oh tonight silly granny billy boy<br&> he decided t' try t' plug<br&> the bottom of the ocean with his thumb<br&> that didn't work it was too small<br&> so he tried his rump<br&> that seemed to do the trick (prick)<br&>