President No.9

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they held me from behind<br&> they held me behind 'cause i didn't develop quick enough<br&> they said i should of been five and i was ten<br&> and i, and i was really only nine<br&> i was nine months old, they said i should of been five<br&> so they took four months off my life<br&>

they, they, they twisted the knob on the incubator<br&> it felt real cosy but they said it did something to my mind<br&> now i'm president and it didn't really matter what they thought anyway<br&> so you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it<br&> i put mine to mine and now i'm nine<br&> i'm your president number nine<br&> i'm nine years old in my mind<br&> i'm mr president number nine<br&> but i have to confer with all those other fucking countries<br&> and with a nine year old mentality<br&> it doesn't help that i'm prejudiced too<br&> 'cause i think that everyone should be nine in the mind<br&> that's my prejudice, nine in the mind<br&> president mr nine, president number mr nine<br&>

i date girls who are older<br&> once i dated one that was twelve<br&> she had a twelve, she had a twelve inched bust<br&> busted about twelve buttons off my pants and i was nine<br&> she said how old are you?<br&> i'm nine, i told you i'm nine, i'm mr president<br&> not yet you're not<br&> no but i will, i'm mr president, mr number nine<br&> (i'm president nine)<br&>