Paul Hello (To Ireland We Go)

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hello little boy<br&> my son<br&> hello little one<br&> my son<br&> hello la-de-de-de-bum-bum<br&> hello little paul<br&> you grow real tall<br&> taller than the trees<br&> will you please say hello to the ladies and gentlemen at home, hello<br&> from ireland we came and we're going back home, hello<br&> we're going home down that long, long road<br&> back, back to ireland we're it all began<br&> back to the lands of the many suns<br&> pulling out our hourglasses<br&> blood stained glasses thrown<br&> in the sea, paul and i going back there you and me, hello<br&> you can hear the bombs glow, hello<br&> hi there, hello<br&> it's the end of the road, a big hello<br&>