One Of Them Wore Wings, The Other Did The Painting

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silly boys and girls<br&> the way they try on makeup<br&> popcorn days and football ways<br&> the way they play when they break up<br&>

it's a crime the way they take the dock so seriously<br&> they'll dock your pay<br&> they'll dock you down by the bay<br&> for the hay beneath your feet<br&>

your camel's stiff<br&> oh your rocking riding ways are through boys<br&> the girls are takin' over<br&> they're takin' over<br&>

we can't let this happen<br&> can't let this go on much longer boys<br&>

take command of the commandments<br&> you make 'em up yourselves<br&> you drop yourself down one chute<br&> you'll wind up in hell<br&>

you're trying on shoes<br&> that were left over from jesus and satan<br&> well one of them wore wings, the other did the painting<br&> get yourself a brush and clean up the whole town<br&>

play santa claus in winter<br&> easter bunny spring<br&> when it comes to summer<br&> get out your wieners and your vagina things and<br&>

have yourselves a kick<br&> have yourselves a blast<br&> teach someone the meaning of the word ass<br&> you know what i mean<br&>