Oh The Men I've Met In This Town And Life I've Led

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oh yeah<br&> oh, i don't wanna boast about how good i feel tonight<br&> but with a man, you can only feel alright<br&> as long as he's greased down<br&> like a silly french loving clown<br&> i fell for you<br&> beneath the blue skies, the moon<br&> oh, you sang a different tune when i came through your ass

the grass was stained<br&> i plum near broke a hole through the earth<br&> the head tipped nightly into your shirt

oh the men i've met in this town and life i've led<br&> i've sucked and bit all the best fucking heads across the world<br&> they're nothing like the juicy red pink green cocking squirrel dicks i've met<br&> and the hermaphroditic bitches from out east<br&> in india you'd be hard pressed to not see me get it on with the geese, oh

but the men i've met<br&> the one i petted down deep down south<br&> oh, he had a mouth, didn't he? heh heh heh hoh hoh hoh hoh<br&> oh, oh, oh, oh, oh all night long<br&> oh, we didn't sing no song