Ocean Tide

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

The fourth track on The Frogs first LP is "Ocean Tide". This song was written on November 22, 1985. I had met a girl around this time who told me that she was half gypsy and that was the inspiration for this song. The time of the year that this song was born was around winter and there was snow on the ground so that was what the snow reference was all about. I picked up a gypsy book at the library and started to read about the gypsies and their caravans and that is why her family rolled away in the story. Here are the two original drafted lyrics before the final lyrics were written from start to finish.

Lyrics 1st Draft

The forest breathes<br&> Now I know of a girl who smiles<br&> But one look in her eyes<br&> And you can know the future<br&>

The future is in<br&> The crystal ball that she holds<br&> The present the gift of lions she holds<br&> The past is history<br&>

Lyrics 2nd draft with melody

I met a girl who knew the future<br&> She just closed her eyes<br&> Thought for awhile and told the future<br&> Much to my surprise<br&>

And then she said our love would never die<br&> But she threw her body to the ocean tide<br&> And that's how it goes when you know the future<br&> It's just not much fun<br&>

And now I know all about the future<br&> And all I do is cry<br&>

Album Lyrics

i met a girl who was a gypsy<br&> barefoot in the snow<br&> her eyes like charcoal, they let me know<br&> that she needed a place to go<br&>

she said that she fell asleep in the field<br&> and her family rolled away<br&> she cried that she was lost<br&> and that she needed a place to stay<br&>

and then<br&> she said our love would never die<br&> but then she threw her body to the ocean tide<br&> and now i know all about the future<br&> and all i do is cry<br&>

the world pronounced her dead today<br&> there upon the rocks<br&> i stood above them, way above them<br&> and then i jumped a block<br&>

i remember when<br&> she said our love would never die<br&> so then i threw my body to the ocean tide<br&> and now i'm with her, here in heaven<br&> we kissed this world goodbye<br&>

goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye<br&> goodbye<br&>


The chord progression for the verses begins with G b Major / E b minor / D Major / B Major / bass notes descend B / A / A b / A / G b. The chord progression for the chorus comes off the descending bass notes that switch this time to B / A / A b / high E and then the chorus goes from A Major / B minor ( A in Bass) / D b minor ( A in Bass ) / B minor ( A in Bass ) bass notes walk up A b / A / B b / B / B minor chord graced notes / bass notes C / low F / C / B. At the intro and at the end of the song the chord progression is A Major / A b minor / G b Major. The song ends on a G b Sus 4 resolving into an G b Major chord.<br&>

There were two versions of ocean tide cut for The Frogs first LP. The first version was the third song recorded for the Lp on the first day of the recording session. The track was cut live with myself on electric guitar and vocals, Dennis on drums and Jay Tiller on bass guitar.Like many times before and since at the time I wrote it I felt it was the best song I had written.<br&>

The track "Ocean Tide" on The Frogs first LP contains keyboards written and played by Dennis, cello played by myself, bass guitar played by myself and bass lines written by Dennis ( the octaves and the changed note on the second syllable of "O-cean" to low F from my original C note ), drums written by Dennis and played by the drum machine, electric guitars played by myself, double tracked vocals by myself and backing vocals by Dennis.<br&>