No One Likes Sex

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You know I'm not the only one girl<br&> No no, no one likes sex<br&> Agreed upon, take everything off<br&> You're not gonna like it<br&>

Pay no attention to the blood<br&> No no no, it's gonna be alright<br&> When I kill you all the way<br&>

You know they don't even know<br&> I'm out on the loose<br&> So in case you fall in love, agree with me<br&> No one likes sex<br&>

I made some xxx films<br&> Turn turn turned me into a star<br&> If you don't believe me<br&> What's that oscar coin' on my mantel?<br&>

No no no, no one likes sex<br&> No no no...<br&>