Near The Coffin Creek

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ho ho ho<br&> scott is my stud, the pope is black<br&> having sex against his will behind my back<br&> oh, try and see how far you'll get<br&> marjory may you topsy curvy girl<br&> the righteous janey hated by the ones who had aidsies near the coffin creek<br&> oh the willows creaked as the wind blew the diapers around through the breeze<br&> oh the wind was sweet<br&> but every once in a while the smell of the grave<br&> the river dren-trenched slaves were crawling to the top<br&> what a wonderful way to spend your life<br&> if that's what you call it<br&> this sex has gotta end<br&> you're not living no more friend, i gotta cut this out<br&> heartbroken and sad rolling through the land of eve<br&> breaking branches and leaves<br&> with the thorn torn underwear you borrowed from melvin<br&> we had fun, life on earth was a kick<br&> but you can only fuck the dead once<br&> that's what they said, but i sure had my fun<br&>