My Slave

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Introduction by Jimmy Flemion

Song 9 off of the LP "Racially Yours", possessively speaking is my song "My Slave". I whipped this song into shape and form on May 1, 1991 between 7:30 P.M. and 8:10 P.M.<br&>

The chord progression for the verses is : G minor 5 / F Major / C Major / C 6 / C 7 / A minor / A 7. The chord progression for the chorus is : D minor / E 7 / Bass notes picked C D / B b D / A D / F E. The song ends on a D Major chord at Dennis' suggestion, and it was also Dennis' idea to change the last "slave" lyric and make it a plural "slaves".<br&>

Slavery is not an exclusive to any race, creed or color. This song portrays a slavemaster and or boss imposing his will and laying down the law. While many may choose to believe that the master of slaves should be despised and that the slave himself we should have a shared sympathy for, the truth is that they are both co-operators in ignorance. Everyone plays the role they have created for themselves.<br&>

Check out the dictator master slave driver's one-sided pep talk speech :<br&>


When your work is over<br&> I will let you play<br&> But 'til your work is over<br&> This railroad's in the way<br&> You must bail some hay<br&> My slave<br&>

There's some sweat upon your brow<br&> Wipe it off<br&> Smilin's not allowed<br&> Wipe it off<br&>

When your back is broken<br&> I will let you play<br&> But 'til your back is broken<br&> There's cotton to be picked<br&> I said right away<br&> My slave<br&>

There's some blood upon your cheek<br&> Wipe it off<br&> You are starting to reek<br&> Wipe it off<br&> My slave, my slave, my slave<br&>

My slaves<br&>


The slavemaster in the song has some strict rules he has set up for the slave to adhere to and follow, and he makes it no secret that he will not tolerate laziness, sweating, facial expressions depicting smiles or for that matter the slightest smirk. Throughout the song we feel the tension and daily grind that appears perpetual and never ending. When the song ends on a happy note, it is if a fluorescent lightbulb has gone off in the slave's head, wherein he has broken the chains of his mind and sees and believes himself to be free, and thus through his own transition, transitions us and leads us into the next appropriately titled song off the LP.<br&>

The track "My Slave", was a song cut live in my upstairs bedroom with myself on vocals and acoustic guitar and Dennis on keyboards. Additional overdubs were added later- acoustic guitar: Jim, keyboards / percussion: Dennis.<br&>

p.s. Slave on!<br&>