My Show Business Days

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my show business days<br&> they said were over with and done<br&> but the time had come to grace the stage<br&>

once again i had to take the stage<br&> and show them how it was done<br&> i was the only one<br&>

they said i was nuts<br&> they didn't know t' how t' cut it up<br&> i showed 'em how t' do it right<br&> each and ev'ry night a standing ovation<br&>

but then the end of the show business days<br&> we knew they had, had to end<br&>

and as i look back on my memories<br&> oh I've got some good show business memories<br&> like the time with rosie gal marie<br&> she has memories<br&>

ahh it's all i got left<br&> my show business days were here<br&> and now they've left me<br&> alone<br&>