Mr. Right

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he walks like a pop star<br&> no hair is ever out of place<br&> he talks like a pop star<br&> cherubs envy his face<br&> all the girls are waiting<br&> all the girls are queing up<br&> they've never seen anything like him<br&> he is mr. right<br&> some claim he's a poser<br&> three weeks ahead and i'm finally stretched<br&> young girls have been molested<br&> there's three or more underneath his bed<br&> all the parents are waiting<br&> for johnny and mary to get home<br&> they're strapped down to his bed now<br&> he is mr. right<br&> velusians(?) are opened<br&> you can cook her ears no with a knife<br&> made a call but few are chosen to lead this life<br&> while all the girls are waiting<br&> he's spent his last token at the peep show arcade<br&> through your fortune none if it through his raincoat<br&> is he mr. right?<br&>


Written by Jimmy, recorded on July 12th 1985.