Millie Mitch Philip Bitch Burton III (He Ruled The Land And He Ruled It Grand)

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well i told you howard milked mary's vagina<br&> he took the cup-full to randolf his highness<br&> he drank the whole thing down<br&> and he paraded nude up and down the town<br&> i never saw such a thing in my death<br&> yeah, i drank the cup too<br&>

brendan philip fuck me marie<br&> he lived on the outskirts of the hillbilly-ville<br&> he only came to town once in a while<br&> but when he did, oh he sure knew how to get his fill<br&> but they all met on the hill<br&> they crawled inside out the grave sites<br&> none of them looked over their shoulder<br&> when the priest doubled over dead<br&> milton margaret harry john jones<br&> he was a local priest<br&> he said the sermon that day<br&> and the fire consumed the hill and they all were dead<br&>

but who became the heir to the throne?<br&>

millie mitch philip bitch burton the third<br&> he ruled the land and he ruled it grand<br&> by the end of the season everyone was horny and gay<br&> as they're supposed to be<br&>