Men (Come On Men)

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my kind of town<br&> my kind of gown to wear t' bed<br&> oh town of gold<br&> ohhh everyone here is too old for sex<br&> we're listening to our music<br&> on the bed<br&> ohhh<br&>

if you're a man get over here<br&> women clear out<br&> no fucking doubt about it<br&> men are right<br&> to love me all night<br&>

once there was a woman<br&> with a man<br&> they held eden between the fingers of their hands<br&> fuck that like i told you in the other story<br&>

men<br&> come on men<br&> men<br&> oh come on men<br&>

oh don't be shy men<br&> oh look me in the eye men<br&>

both of them were men<br&>